Appearance and Habits

Moles are found throughout mainland Britain where there is suitable soil for tunnelling. They tend to prefer woodland, grassland so can be found

on golf courses, parks and lawns. They are approx 12-16cm in length and covered in black velvety hair with large spade like front feet turned

outwards for digging. Their eyes are small and hidden among their fur, they do not have visible ears. The most obvious sign of the presence of

moles are moles hills (heaps of loose soil) on the surface of the ground. They feed mostly on earthworms but also on other invertebrates including

slugs and insect larvae.


Life Cycle

The breeding season lasts from February to June and there is usually one litter per year. The young develop are born blind and without fur, they

develop rapidly and leave the nest at 5 weeks old.


Treatment and Control

To easiest way to check if moles are still present, is to level the hills and check after 2-3 days for the formation of new hills. If the underground

tunnels can be located it is possible for traps to be used although this is usually best left to the professional.


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