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Is it a Wasps Nest?

Wasps start to become active in early spring, as the weather starts to improve.

Nests are found in sheds, lofts, cavity walls, behind fascia boards, in the ground, in trees and hedges, in fact anywhere sheltered from the elements.

The nest is made of a mixture of saliva and mashed wood. It is usually light grey or beige in colour and resembles papier mache.

The size of the nest depends on how long it has been there, nests at the end of the summer are generally much bigger and also contain more wasps. In the early stages it will be quite small as the queen wasp begins to construct it alone.


What should I do?


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Do not disturb the nest.

Do not try and remove it or treat it yourself.

Keep all Children and Animals away from the area as large nests can contain between 5000 and 10 000 individual wasps. 

Wasps are aggressive when disturbed and will sting. Although wasps stings are painful and may cause redness and swelling it is not normally serious. However, if you are stung around the face, mouth, throat or tongue or suffer from allergic reaction to stings (anaphylactic shock) you should seek medical advice immediately.


What will Enviro-Tec do?

We will provide you with a quotation for treatment over the phone or after assessing the location of the nest.

We aim to treat nest within 24 hours of quotation. For on site surveys where possible the nest will be treated immediately.

The nest will be treated by our qualified, insured pest controller with insecticide, using specialist equipment.


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