Appearance and Habits

Flies are common pests in homes and commercial premises. Flies are normally associated with decayed food or animal carcasses.

The most common flies associated with buildings are the housefly, fruit fly and the cluster fly.Houseflies and fruit flies tend to enter buildings

 searching for food. They feed on rotting matter. The fruit fly is very small, only 3mm long and is especially associated with fruit and

vegetable matter.


Cluster flies tend to be more of a problem as they are found in large numbers. The adultcluster fly is 8mm long and is dark grey with short

golden hairs. When at rest the wings overlap, unlike the housefly whose wings do not overlap. They feed on nectar.During the summer and

 autumn cluster flies are of no consequence. However, as the weather cools they seek shelter in houses and buildings, often in loft spaces

where they form clustering masses, often with several thousand flies clustering together. They can return to the same property year after year.


The large mass of flies produces a sickly smell and, if warmed up by central heating during their hibernation, flies may emerge and appear

dozy. It is at this point that large numbers can come down into the house and cause a nuisance.


Life Cycle

The adult female cluster fly lays eggs loosely around damp soil and rotting leaves. After about a week the larvae hatch and actively seek

earthworms to which they cling and bore into. The fly maggots develop inside the earthworm. At the death of the earthworm the larvae bores

its way out again and pupates in the soil.


Treatment and Control

Keeping windows shut or screening them will prevent entry of houseflies and fruit flies. Any that come into the house can be dealt with

individually. If there are large numbers the food source should be sought and disposed of. Sealing around gaps in eaves and fascia boards

may help prevent cluster flies entering a loft space, other treatments could be used control these nuisance pests.

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